Monday, October 6, 2008

U.S. Reporting Agency Ordinance Bill Passes

October 3rd, 2008

British WUNCI Federation officers representing the International Security relations division of the U.S. Reporting Agency Wednesday announced, after two years of deliberation, that the U.S. Reporting Agency NEW 'ONE WORLD' Ordinances (NOWO) passed the International acceptance of World Intelligence Community(IC) Agencies.

U.S. Reporting Chief Executive Officer(CEO) as well as International Internal Affairs Officer Ahjahman Banyon Rogers Frazier has been entrusted with the responsibility of delegating sensitive classified operations responsibilities as well as detail duties to authorized International Law Enforcement and/or Intelligence Agencies as well as Departments such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations(F.B.I.), Central Intelligence Agency(C.I.A.), Australian Intelligence(A.I.), United Nations(U.N.), Russian, African(Egyptian), Jamaican, Chinese, Korean as well as Canadian Intelligence Operatives.

Jamaican JAMPRO as well as the Jamaican Chamber of Commerce after recent International Banking changes, including, however, not limited to the Record decreases in the WALL STREET DOW have left many investors weary regarding the security of their personal financial assets.

The U.S. Reporting Agency whose mission include providing SECURITY, CREDIT as well as INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) addresses emergency situations such as the current 80 Billion Dollar International Bail Out Plan requested by the nations of our World Government(s).

Stepping into the 'LIGHT OF HOPE' is the U.S. Federal World Savings Institution proposing a triple increase in CREDIT provided to the U.S. Treasury from untapped reserve sources said to have been duly declared as confidentially 'TOP SECRET' and previously unaccounted treasures covered by the 'TRILLION' dollar Frazier family until recently when some said foreign nations may have possibly attempted a leading investigation that some say would have led to an inadvertent request for the U.S. to file for Bankruptcy.

The reserves said to have exceeded $3-10 TRILLION in the new U.S. Credit Rendered Exclusively for Corporations Housing Information Technology (CREDCHIT) CREDIT SYSTEM shall, upon proposed conclusion, distribute to world institutions as well as organizations Millions, Billions and possibly A TRILLION dollars in Credit Value in order to balance world debt.

The proposed credit distribution is said to not only eradicate all world Debt for all countries, yet, is also said to position our Global Economy(GE) in a heightened state of currency income never seen in the history of our great nations.

The TRILLIONAIRE, Ahjahman Banyon Rogers Frazier, said to have been secretly maintained within governed Top 10 Security Clearance housing, has been transferred to a highly secure Military residential neighborhood in order to provide the highest degree of Protective Cover during times of change as well as final Computer Information Systems(CIS) programming completion protocol stages 10+30(J) 10.

The U.S. Reporting Agency has unified the Local Police, Sheriff's, State Troopers, Federal Agents(Agencies) as well as National and International Military Control Units in a UNIFIED effort generating the most effective steps thus far able to bring the recent banking disenchantment into an effectively acceptable position of Savings.

October 3rd, 2008
Officer Danielle Morris B.